Research isn't so daunting when you have the right resources to get you the information you need. Here are a few recommended sources by Mrs. Sheridan:

Holocaust research info for Mrs. Munnier and Mrs. Craven's 8th grade classes.
Destiny's WebPath Express or Destiny Discover. Use this before going to Google. It searches just like Google does (the web) but only educator-approved websites. You can trust the content from the links you get through WebPath Express. Simply go into Destiny and choose WebPath express on the left side.   Destiny Discover combines all of our resources into one spot - all books, databases, and websites.  Make sure you sign in to get the full effect.

issues and controversies logoNEW for 2021: Infobase's Issues & Controversies.  Do you need to see both sides of an argument for LA class?  For example, do you need to argue why we shouldn't get school uniforms, or why we should be allowed to have cell phones at school?  Then Issues and Controversies is the database for you.  It will list what the "supporters" and "opponents" think about the topic.  If you use it at school, you do not need a password.  If you're using at home, you will need a username and password.  Please email or ask Mrs. Sheridan for that info.

points of view reference center logoPoints of View Reference Center.  This is another database to use with argumentive writing.  This is paid for through Indiana's Inspire, so you will either need to use it at school, or have your parents/guardians set up an account for you at home.

Explora for Middle Schoolexplora.  This great database provides eBooks, full-text articles, and more specifically for middle school students. it includes thousands of biographies and primary source documents. Topics include: arts and literature, biography, business and government, current issues, geography, health, history, and science and math.  This is paid for through the state of Indiana, and is part of the Inspire database they provide Indiana residents.  Because of this, you either need to use Explora at school or register with Inspire at home.  It is free for all Indiana residents, but you do have to register first.  Ask for your parents/guardian's help.  Or, another option would be to do all of your searching while at school, and save the articles/eBooks that you think might be helpful to your Google Drive. Then, you can access them while at home, from your Drive.  Watch Mrs. Sheridan's overview of how to use Explora here.

brain popWant a crash course on basically any topic? BrainPop offers quick videos on a range of subjects. Your teachers will be extra impressed if you are checking this out at home. :)

Middle Search Plus database
: Designed for middle school libraries, Middle Search Plus is a full-text database providing popular middle school magazines and reference books. Covering subjects such as history, current events, science and sports, it also includes thousands of biographies and primary source documents, plus over a million photos, maps and flags.

  World Book Online is an always current encyclopedia in a convenient online format. It also has a timeline builder.  See Mrs. Sheridan for the log in and password if using at home.  Watch Mrs. Sheridan's video overview of how to use World Book Online here.  Or, view the video made for Mrs. Munnier's class here.

factmonsterFact Monster is a great research tool, especially when doing a research project on countries or states. Or, you can find timelines, dictionaries, games and quizzes, a homework help center, and even a companion guide to Harry Potter. Hint: if you're doing a countries or state report, use the search results from the Kids' Almanac. 
biography reference center Biography Reference Center. Browse biographies or search for them by name.  You will need to be at school on our school network in order to not need a username and password for this one, so I'd suggest looking while at school and saving the articles you plan to use at home.

how stuff worksHow Stuff Works is one of my favorite sites because it does exactly what its name implies: it tells you how stuff works! Do you wonder how CD burners "burn" CDs? How cell phone viruses work? How about how mosquitoes suck our blood? Find out basically any curiosity here.

inspireInspire is Indiana's free database for Indiana residents. The majority of the resources will actually count as a print (book or magazine) resource because they are originally printed and just added to the Internet for ease of use.

Europe Asia Oceania North America None Africa Africa None South America
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CultureGrams Online. This is the online version of the binder that we have in the library, and includes every country in the world! Find interesting facts about your country that you might not have found otherwise.

webmdDo you know what Cyclothymia is? WebMD does. It describes basically any disease or condition, has a medical dictionary, and even a symptom checker if you're unsure what your ailment is.

princeton-public-library.pngPrinceton Public Library - Have an eReader and want to get more use out of it? Check out the Princeton Public Library - they have many eBooks and audiobooks to choose from on Overdrive and the school app, Sora!  You can (of course) also visit the library for books, audiobooks, movies, and more. View their online catalog here.

CIA World Factbook: "The World Factbook provides basic intelligence on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, environment, communications, transportation, military, terrorism, and transnational issues for 266 world entities."  This site is great for country research.

imdbIMDb, or Internet Movie Database, is a great place to find anything you wanted to know about a movie. Find ratings, movie quotes, trivia, and a lot more. Wondering what other movies the cast of Harry Potter has been in? Easily find out here.

All EBSCO resources.  Here is a listing of everything from one this one company.  I would suggest using Explora for Middle Schools for general research, and Rosetta Stone if you want to learn a new language!  Points of View is also included here if you are having research argumentative topics (pro/con).  Finally, there is a Biography Reference Center that I would recommend if you are researching a person.  These are provided by Indiana's INSPIRE, which is free for any Indiana resident.  If using outside of school, your family will have to apply for their own username and password.
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