Mr. Coleman's College Research

The best place to start with college research is the university or college's offical website.  It will end with a ".edu."  Here are some tips for their websites for finding what you need:
  • Start with their "About" page, or Home page (depending on the college).  This should include:
    • Where it is located
    • Number of students (perhaps under a sub-heading of Statistics or Rankings)
    • When it was founded (perhaps under a sub-heading of History)
    • Something special about that school
  • Next, go to their "Admissions" page or Home page (depending on the college).  This should include:
    • Tuition cost
    • Room and Board cost
Another possible good site would be World Book Encyclopedia Online.  It will often include its founding date, where it is located, and links to more information.

Tip:  Don't forget about the Ctrl F feature in a web browser.  Hit Ctrl F on your keyboard to bring up a little search window that will highlight the key word you type in.  Make sure you use only one or two words and it will search for that exact phrase.

If you are having trouble finding whether it is a public or private school, take a look at one of the Complete Book of Colleges from the library's reference center. is another great resource!  You can use my sample username and password, which is and tigers.  Type your college's name in the search bar, and then choose from the list the one called your college's name followed by "Princeton Review College Rankings and Reviews."
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