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Scholarships are now being provided on one spreadsheet, organized chronologically by due date. 

Please click here to view all scholarships!

The above scholarship spreadsheet is updated as new scholarships become available.  Check back often for all available scholarship opportunities. Additionally, make a regular habit of checking the Senior Money Wall outside the Guidance Office for paper application forms that are available as they become available throughout the year.

Visit Scholly for some helpful scholarship tips!

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College & Career

Be sure to read the full list on the opportunities page for more college offerings!

To see what colleges are waiving fees during College Go Week visit:

Seniors: Early action deadline for many Big 10 Colleges and University of Evansville is November 1!

Apply to multiple colleges at one time with the Common Application at
Indiana colleges that use Common App are: Anderson, Butler, Depauw, Earlham, Franklin, Goshen, Hanover, IU, Manchester, PU, PU Ft. Wayne, Rose-Hulman, St. Mary's, St. Mary of the Woods, Tine, U of E, U of I, Wabash, Notre Dame, U of St. Fancis of Ft. Wayne, Valparaiso  (Common App does not acknowledge free application codes)

The US Navy
Four year fully paid college degree in over 60 Navy Career Fields
Post graduate opportunities and G.I Bill Benefits!
Representatives are waiting to speak with you! Call 1-800-USA-NAVY
You may also email
or visit

Oakland City University 
Creative Technologies Program!
Toyota Indiana
is supporting OCU to provide this new Bachelor of Science degree that is the study of technolgy, business, and computer science.
Email your guidance counselor today for more information on this NEW program!  


Stonepile College in Franklin Tennessee has the program for you from an Associate to a Master's degree
Stonepile is a privatge on-line college.  Here are a few reasons Stonepile says women should consider construction as a career:-Graduate into leadership as a Project Manager
-Earn over 90K with your Bachelor of Applied Science degree
-Get immediate job placement in a growing field
-Use your soft skills, such as organizational management, workflow assessment, quality control oversite, team-building, and motivational leadership
-Master the new way of industrialized construction, including tech-savvy, clean, safe, and automated ways to build faster, greener, and better.

Check out more here! 

Experience a fun Virtual College Map created by Mrs. Kling's Interactive Media class!
See colleges on-line from all over the nation including HBCU colleges and in other countries!
Click here 

Check out these out-of-state fairs at

WOW! UE Aces Opportunity Grant means attending UE Tuition-Free!
Indiana Freshmen are elgilible if your family income is $50,000 or less.
Find out more here!

Purdue University Polytechnic Institute
is going the extra mile and offering programs for diverse students.
Check out more here.

Interested in Health Science and Pharmacy?
Check out the University of Health Science and Pharmacy in St. Louis 

Transcript Requests

Need your transcript sent? If you would like your transcript sent to any college or institution, please register at All transcripts sent from the Guidance Counseling office are sent via parchment. All requests need to be made by registering and ordering your transcript to be sent at

Historically Black Colleges and Universities
The U.S. News & World Report states that HBCU's mission is the education of of black Americans. For the college and university listing click here.
For more information on the HBCU White House Initiative and the National Center for Educational Statistics , visit here. The site also provides information on internships, study programs, and other opportunities!

Ever thought about Court Reporting as a career?
It is a leading career option that does not require a four year degree.
Find out more by visiting

SIU Carbondale does not require SAT or ACT scores.
For more information, visit their site.

IVY Tech Supply Chain Managment program
Attain skills and knowledge for the workforcea and earn certifications for multiple work opportunities.
Visit here for more information

Make the college application process easier by completing one application for multiple colleges with The Common Application. explains the process.

Want to get into health services quickly?
Check out Trilogy Fast Track Apprenticeship program.
See Mrs. Engelbrecht or Ms. Peck for more information.
You may also visit

Do your dual credits transfer? Go to to find out!

PCHS offers many classes as dual credit. Check out the dual credit spreadsheet document for more information.  See to know what credits transfer between colleges. It is always wise to call the registrar office of your college of choice to be sure.

For dual credits offered at PCHS through USI, visit

Need some quick links to colleges? Just click on the name to take you there!

Franklin College
Hanover College

Indiana University
IVY Tech
Notre Dame
Oakland City University

Purdue University
University of Evansville
University of Southern Indiana

Vincennes University
Wabash Valley College
Western Kentucky University

My College Options is a free program freshmen have signed up for the past few years.  It is a way to find matching colleges AND scholarships. Check it out here!

Start your college planning today  with a guide to college planning provided by College Covered Powered by Discover Student Loans. Click here to visit their website.

Interested in Sports Management? Check out Lincoln Trail HERE!

Consider machining for your future! Great paying jobs that are in high demand.
Check out this video with one of PCHS' very own.
Also, find out more at

U of E
has a new Acutuarial Science Degree Program
The program includes computer science, mathematics, statistics and data science, computer science, economics, finance, and accounting.

VU-Purdue University partnership
This may benefit you if you are not directly admitted to PU, like a more personal learning experience, and want to save $12,000 or more in educational costs. Visit this site for more information:

U of E 
and Ivy Tech  Dual Admission!!!
Earn a four year degree from U of E by starting out at Ivy Tech!  Choose your major and meet requirements for both college admission standards and receive $18,000/year toward UE tuition. Visit here for more information!

Check out the Graphic Design program at IU Southeast!  There are many opportunities and awards involved. Check it out today at

Find the best college match for you at this site
Your search considers your SAT test scores, type of college you prefer, location, campus and housing, majors, sports and activities, academics, financial support, diversity.  

Want to study Aviation? Want to fly privately or work toward your commercial license?
Check out Lift Academy here!

Like Indiana University, but think it might be too big? Check out Collins Living + Learning Center: A Small College Experience Within Indiana University. Click here to learn about it!

Check out this site for scholarships and college planning: COLLEGE COVERED BY DISCOVER!

Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) has a lot of great options and ways to help you find that perfect fit. Check them out

BALFOUR Scholars Program at IU
For Juniors who are African American, Natice American, or Latinx, enjoy a free summer program focusing on cultural identity, college and career readiness. Experience life on IU's campus. Learn more at

Intereseted in Deisel Mechanics? See this quick preview for the Wabash Valley program:

Want to get ahead in college credits in Health Sciences?
Check out U of E for a certificate in Health Sciences at this site.
Courese are on-line for $125/cr hour.

Wabash College has need-based scholarships in addition to merit-based scholarships.
Atthending Wabsh is possible for young men.
For more information visit

Want a college that is small, focused on excellence, leadership, research, and international study?
Check out University of Illinois, Springfield

Ever thought about Co-op as a collge option?
Get work expereince while going to college. For more information see the Guidance Counseling Office or visit: University and College Guide

The following sites provide information pertaining to online college classes, financing, and scholarships:

Student Opportunities

Congratulations to our PCHS Indiana Association of School Principals 2023 Rising Stars!
Alex Kling, Cade Hurt, Syauna Hardiman, and Kelsey Ellis!

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Have questions? Simply need someone to talk to? REQUEST TO SEE YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR
Click on this link.

Sophomore (only) students interested in the 4T program need to complete this application.


Adult Eudcation Classes, including CNA classes are being offered by IVY Tech at the Princeton Public Library.
Call 812-228-9168 for more information or visit

Free Tutoring, especially for the SAT!

Visit Schoolhouse or Khan Academy 


Western Green
An erosion control manufacturing company in Poseyville looking to hire students 18 years and older.
Call 812-963-3373 for more information!

Students who are planning to get ahead can take classes over the summer.
You may take up to 2 classes free. 
Any students wanting to take recovery classes can sign up for in-person summer school through NGSC.


Check out Innovate WithIN. You may just have the chance to make it big!
Find out more here and watch a video of students who transformed their ideas and made them reality!

Wake Forest is offering summer on-line courses
Explore a career you may be considering, such as: Sports medicine, Psychology, Cancer Medicine, Medicine, and Business.
Find out more here!

Check out these virtual college fairs.

Want to play college sports? Register with the NCAA

Athletes check out PREP SEARCH to make an educated decision on playing sports in college and to find the best match for you. Check out Enzley Mitchell IV's site today!

Selective Service Registration for all senior males is required! It is your civic responsibility.
You can register at the post office or online at
Rose Hulman offers tutoring



This Engineering Development Program is designed to introduce and develop skills through practical hands-on training that will teach many aspects of our plant operations. In addition, participants will be exposed to multiple disciplines by performing various jobs in a highly productive environment.

  • Must be enrolled full-time in an accredited bachelor’s degree program studying engineering
  • Must be in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Must be able to work full time June-August
  • Two summer commitment to the program
  • Must be 18 years of age due to age requirement to work on the production floor
  • Permanent local residence must be within 50 miles of TMMI (Princeton, IN)

Preferred: Pursuit of ME, EE, MET, EET degree, Extracurricular activities w/ leadership roles, Some work experience and/or volunteer experience
 Starting pay - $16.85 per hour

Go to
Click “Apply Now”

Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program
A partnership with Toyota and Vincennes University that allows you to earn a degree and work at the same time $17/hour.
Starting salary is as much as $65,000 with benefits.
For more information and to apply visit

Need your transcript sent! Visit

E-mail addresses
Parents, please remember to contact the Guidance Office if your email address changes so you can stay up-to-date about report cards, mid-terms, and other notices!

Financial Aid

Visit ISFAA for one stop to multiple links you need to be fully informed and file the FAFSA!

Students and Parents, make sure to communicate with the financial aid department of colleges to make sure you understand what money is available to you and what financial commitment is expected from you. Every college will be different.

Check out this video for a better understanding of EFC. This video is a 5-minute snippet on calculating your EFC.
This is not advertisement for Hefar, but simply providing information for better understanding.

Sallie Mae has many videos on how to pay for college that may ease your anxiety!
Click here to watch them!

College Planning Calculator
Need some help planning for college financially?!
Try Sallie Mae's College Planning Calculator!

Learn More Indiana
This site offers great planning resources  for college.
Check it out!

CSS Profile is another form to complete for college

What is the CSS Profile?
The CSS Profile is a financial aid form created by The College Board, the same organization that administers the SAT and other tests. 
Close to 400 colleges use the form.   
“The schools that ask for both forms will typically use the FAFSA calculations in determining any federal aid they offer to a student, but use the CSS Profile information in determining their own institutional resources,” said said Steven Sirot, co-founder of College Benefits Research Group (CBRG) in Roseland.
According to Get Schooled, 24% of parents think their students will qualify for financial aid. HOWEVER, 85% actually qualify!
Get the APP and make completing the FAFSA even easier.
This information is from the following site:

Just in case you were intrested.  Found on the IVY Tech website a comparison of tuition prices. You can find it here.
Remember to complete your FAFSA.  You should then receive a financial report from colleges you list on your FAFSA. That report will help you make your decision financially on a college.
InVested Indiana provides expert information on the FAFSA and financing college.

Another resource for financial aid information and scholarships is Discover's College Covered at

Secure your college credit. Don't go into debt. Visit these sites for more information:

FAFSA Application Create Your ID!

Please visit InVested for help with starting the FAFSA 

21st Century Scholars
*If you are not sure if you are a 21st Century Scholar, please email your guidance counselor and/or go to the site below.
***As a 21st Century Scholar, you need to complete the on-line affirmation form at:


To stay current on test dates, please visit and 
SAT test dates, click here
ACT test dates, click here

U of E Online ACT/SAT Prep Course

Register today at

College Board and Khan Academy SAT Practice

Compare SAT/ACT by clicking HERE

To register for the ACT visit

To register for the SAT visit


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