Indoor Air Quality

The North Gibson School Corporation is committed to maintaining school grounds and facilities in a way that promotes good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for all students, staff, and visitors. The following Board policies were established to ensure good IAQ:
  • Animals in Classrooms – Policy 819
  • Chemical Management – Policy 818
  • Smoking and Other Tobacco Use – Policy 429
  • Vehicle Idling – Policy 712

Interested in knowing the IAQ for the geographic area of North Gibson?  Please visit the following EPA site to aid in the management of asthma and allergies.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding IAQ, please contact NGSC's Indoor Air Quality Coordinator:
Mr. Lee McConnell
Facilities Director
North Gibson School Corporation
1104 N. Embree St.
Princeton, IN 47670
Phone: 812-385-4851

McKinney-Vento Homeless Liason

North Gibson School Corporation's McKinney-Vento Homeless Liason is:
Dr. Eric Goggins
North Gibson School Corporation
1108 N. Embree Street
Princeton, IN 47670

School McKinney-Vento Liaisons:
  • Princeton Community Primary School, Icea Jenkins, 812-385-4772
  • Princeton Community Intermediate School, Lisa Burger, 812-386-1221
  • Princeton Community Middle School, Deena Gibson, 812-385-2020
  • Princeton Community High School, Deena Gibson, 812-385-2591
McKinney-Vento District Plan

North Gibson School Corporation, in partnership with the Indiana Department of Education, has established a McKinney-Vento Distric Plan.  The plan provides information to families of North Gibson School Corporation regarding the education rights and services for homeless students.  Question regarding the plan or services should be directed to Dr. Eric Goggins at 812-385-4851.

North Gibson Education for Homeless Children & Youth District Plan

A Parent s Guide to the Rights of Children and Youth Experiencing Homele   
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    • Central Office

      North Gibson School Corporation
      1104 N. Embree St.
      Princeton, IN 47670

      Tel: 812-385-4851
      Fax: 812-386-1531
      Dr. Eric Goggins, Supt.
      Noah Velthouse, Asst. Supt.

      High School

      Princeton Community HS
      1101 N. Main St.
      Princeton, IN 47670

      Tel: 812-385-2591
      Fax: 812-386-1535
      Amy Stough, Prin.
      Kayla Hayes, Asst. Prin.

      Middle School

      Princeton Community MS
      1106 N. Embree St.
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      Tel: 812-385-2020
      Fax: 812-386-6746
      Zack Waggoner, Prin.
      Kaley Stafford, Asst. Prin.
    • Intermediate

      Princeton Community Intermediate
      1108 N. Embree St.
      Princeton, IN 47670

      Tel: 812-386-1221
      Fax: 812-386-1577
      Austin Chamberlain, Prin.
      Patrick Peyton, Asst. Prin.


      Princeton Community Primary
      813 W. Archer Rd.
      Princeton, IN  47670
      Tel: 812-386-1222
      Fax: 812-385-2593

      Bryce Abbey, Prin.
      Beau Fulk, Asst. Prin.

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